A New cooperation between the “slow drive” and the Hotel Bonotto Desenzano!


Discover the beauty and flavors of the most beautiful areas of Italy at the wheel of a vintage cars.

Slow Drive offers for car rental period, for tourist routes and incentives company, offering its customers the emotions of the past.

Slow Drive hires its spider, advising also fascinating routes on roads with little jokes, in which landscape, art and enogastromia are protagonists.

The routes copyright branch along the coast of Lake Garda in Brescia,  and the beautiful Valtenesi, the Lemon Riviera, the hills of the Garda, Garda Trentino, the Riviera of the Olives, Verona and the Valpolicella. Without forgetting the Franciacorta and Lake Iseo, the Venetian Villas of Vicenza and the flavors and the castles of the Duchy of Parma.


Book by Bonotto for a “slow drive” stay , you will be recognized special rates and a number of advantages really interesting!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about it!