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Ospitalità Bonotto
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Our Lugana Wine

Our Lugana Wine in partnership with the Malavasi Family

BONOTTO HOSPITALITY is simply to delight our guests and for you to return home with a holiday memory to truly treasure.

  • Our Lugana Wine 7
    Lugana DOP

    With this in mind, we thought how can we bottle that holiday memory? In partnership with the Malavasi Family, who have been winemakers for 4 generations, we’ve done just that and harvested “Il Lugana” DOP, our very own, purely artisan wine – Powered by OSPITALITÀ BONOTTO

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    Hints of golden hay in colour, jade hues, elegant nose, pleasantly fruity and intense with delicate hints of citrus. A refreshing wine, with body and a delicious aromatic after taste.

    Why not sample Il Lugana Malavasi-Bonotto for yourself. Book a bedroom overlooking the historic and breath taking Lake Garda, or simply join us for a glass of chilled wine in the bar. If you want some shipped directly to your front door, just ask us.